Importing Notation

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This brief tutorial module illustrates how to import music notation files into the music21 environment.

There are two main approaches to importing notation: importing from a file on your computer, or from a file in the music21 corpus.

To import from a file (whether you created it or downloaded it), replace the directory in quotation marks with the location on your computer where your file is saved:

from music21 import *
my_work = converter.parse('/Users/username/my_score_file.xml')

To import a file from the corpus (in this case, a Bach chorale):

from music21 import *
my_work = corpus.parse('bach/bwv244.3')

If we want to view our notation, we can use the following code:

The notation should appear in the MusicXML reader you specified during the music21 configuration process. Once you have imported the notation into music21, this module will show you how to extract specific parts and melodies.